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Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's YOUR Life

You can do anything you want to do and at any time you want to do it.  Don't take that too literally.  I can only hope that someone in your life told you that you can do anything you want or be anything you'd like.  Not everyone has that freedom or support.  Let me be the first to tell you that you can be anything you want, but what I can't promise you is that it will be easy.

So, you started a career.  Ready for a change or wishing for a change?  Well, with some hard work you can change now matter what your age or status.  Don't let anyone tell you to wait or that you can't.  You just need to find your own way to make this happen.  Don't let life pass you by.

What do I know?  Well, I had one career goal in mind when I was in high school...well two.  I've had several dreams.  I've dreamed of being on the Jeep racing circuit and running obstacle courses.  I never had the support to follow that dream though in my own way I secretly play at that anytime I have the opportunity to off-road in one of my Jeeps alone.  I pretend I'm on the circuit.

My goal after high school was to join the military.  Not only did I think it was the right thing to do for honor, but the smart thing to do to pay for college and be trained in a career.  I worked out with former drill instructors for a couple of years and could never get closer than 12lbs. to the weight limit.

I wanted to go into journalism.  I wrote a lot for newsletters and car club publications through high school and after, but the education didn't come together for that to happen.  I took what seemed to be put in front of me and went into accounting.  It was something I could do without any thought and the lack of challenge and boredom level made for burnout in a short time.

I fell into the career that has sustained me, intrigued me, inspired me, and excited me for the past almost 20 years now.  Life goes on.  But now it's time for a change.  This new blog is part of that change.

I spent from 2002-2009 with my soul mate and heavily involved in his terminal cancer.  I learned more than I thought possible about the body, medical care, the medical system, and entering a whole new world.  After his death, I also felt dead.  A lot of what I learned and believed in had changed me.  I had a lot on my plate and when I went to go back to work I found that I no longer had a job.  Maybe I waited too long.  I don't blame anyone.  I needed the work for my sanity and without it I was launched into a long struggle to feel something again.

Fast forward to now, November 2011.  After much soul searching and freedom to do anything that I want with my life, I have chosen to enter the medical field.  I started back to school full-time at the local community college in August 2011.  While I have a degree in business, I've never taken any science courses at a college level.  So I'm finishing up my first semester in biology 101, medical terminology, and developmental psychology.

I've always been on to have passions and in learning as much as I can and sharing as much as I can.  As I learn more new topics and wrestle with ideas, this will be my place to write out my thoughts.  To share with you and hopefully make you think and learn from what you have to share.

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